How to Install a Spring Tension Rod

A tension rod is an inexpensive way to hang a curtain without putting any hardware into the wall. Tension rods are particularly suited for kitchen curtains, although they can be used for other rooms, too. When selecting a tension rod to hang curtains, keep in mind that the tension rod fits inside the frame of the window, so your window frame will always be showing, instead of being covered by the curtains. You can use cafe rings to hang the curtain or just slip the rod pocket of the curtain directly onto the tension rod.

Measure the inside of the window frame. Tension rods are sold in an adjustable range, so buy the size that includes your measurement in its range.

Hold the tension rod in front of you with one hand on each section of the rod.

Twist the rod: your right hand twists toward you and your left hand twists away from you. Continue twisting until the rod is about 1/2 inch longer than the window measurement you made.

Put one end of the rod against the inside of the window frame and then push the other end against the other side of the frame. It should be a little hard to push the second end into place. If your rod is too short or too long, just twist it some more, as in step three, to lengthen or shorten it.

Remove the rod and put on the curtain on after all the adjustments have been made. Replace the rod with the curtain on it, just as you did in step four.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Tension rod
  • Curtain
  • Level
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