How to hide a DVD player & satellite box

Updated February 21, 2017

A modern entertainment system often has many components, including a satellite or cable box and a DVD player. More complex home media centres may also include gaming consoles, a DVR box or even a media computer. Hiding the satellite and DVD player, as well as other gadgets, is an excellent way to reduce visual clutter. A satellite box and DVD player can be hidden inside of an entertainment stand that has concealed compartments, or behind a wall inside an adjacent room.

Purchase an entertainment stand that has concealed compartments. Make sure that it is rated for the weight of your television, and that its dimensions are an appropriate fit for the room your television is in.

Assemble the entertainment stand if it isn't shipped pre-assembled. Directions will be included either in a pamphlet inside of the package or printed on the side of the box.

Disconnect the wires from the back of your satellite box and DVD player. Place each device inside of one of the concealed compartments in the entertainment stand. Run the wires through the wire holes in the back of the entertainment stand and connect them to the satellite and DVD devices, then plug the other ends into a wall outlet or surge protector. Close the door to the compartment when the satellite box or DVD player isn't in use.

Place your entertainment stand in front of, or mount your TV to, a wall that is adjacent to a closet or unused space.

Cut a hole in the drywall behind the television. The hole should be large enough for the satellite box's and DVD player's wires to fit through. Draw a circle on the wall using a stencil and pencil or marker. Score the stencilled mark several times with a razor until the section can be tapped free of the wall.

Tap a nail through the centre of the hole and out the opposite wall. Go into the other room or closet and place the stencil so that the nail jutting from the drywall is in its centre.

Trace a new circle, push the nail back through the wall so that you don't accidentally harm yourself and then cut the section away using a razor. You should now be able to see through the wall into other room.

Press a plastic cap with a hollow centre over both holes to cover the rough edges and prevent peeling.

Place an adjustable shelf in the room where your television is not located. Adjust the shelf so that it sits a few inches beneath the hole. Place the satellite box and DVD player on the shelf. Feed the wires from both gadgets through the hole and into the opposite room. Plug the power cords into an electrical socket or surge protector, then turn both gadgets on.

Return to the room where the television is located. Plug the wires that you fed through the hole into the back of your television. Turn the television on to make sure that both the satellite box and DVD player are connected correctly.

Things You'll Need

  • Entertainment stand
  • Drywall knife
  • Plastic hole caps
  • Adjustable stand
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