How to Change FPS on "Call of Duty 4"

Written by joshua phillips
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For most PC gamers, having a high FPS (frames per second) number can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The FPS setting dictates whether the graphics displayed on your screen are choppy or smooth during gameplay. When your FPS is low, your game will turn into a veritable slideshow, while a high FPS will create a very smooth playing experience. A high FPS is of utmost importance for first-person shooters, and "Call of Duty 4" is no different. You are able to tweak myriad options to improve the FPS.

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  1. 1

    Turn off shadows. Press "Esc" on your keyboard to enter the main menu. Select "Options" and "Graphics." Turn "Shadows" to off. Shadows require a large amount of processor power and turning them off will free that processing power up to improve the FPS.

  2. 2

    Press the tilde (~) key on the keyboard while in the game to open the console. Enter "cl_maxpackets 60"into the console and press "Enter." By lowering the number of max packets being sent, you are allowing more resources to be dedicated to the graphics and FPS.

  3. 3

    Close all other applications, including antivirus programs, while playing "Call of Duty 4." The goal is to free up as much processing power as you can while you play, and eliminating all other programs running will free up additional resources for "Call of Duty 4."

  4. 4

    Set all graphics options on "Low." Select "Options" and "Graphics" from the main menu. Set the overall graphics settings to "Low."

  5. 5

    Upgrade your hardware. The CPU and video card are the two main culprits behind a low FPS.

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