How to Troubleshoot Channels in the Wrong Place on a Sony Bravia

Updated February 21, 2017

Sony Bravia televisions incorporate a channel list that is built during the initial set-up. There are also channel settings that can be modified after initial set-up by running an automatic programming routine. Part of the channel settings routine allows you to show or hide channels. There is also an edit function. Problems with channels being in the wrong place can be corrected by running the programming routine, making changes and editing.

Press the "Home" button on the Sony Bravia's remote control and choose the "Settings" icon on the screen. Use the arrow buttons to scroll to Channel Options and then press the "+" button to select it.

Select "Auto Program" and then "OK." The Sony Bravia will rescan the channels available to you either through the antenna or the cable/satellite box, depending on what you use. Allow the scan routine to run, it can take a few minutes. On completion, the TV will be programmed with all of the channels in the correct place.

Choose the "Show/Hide" option using the arrow keys and "+" button to show or hide channels that you scanned in Step 2. Choose the "Show" or "Hidden" label at each channel. Now when you channel surf with the "Channel +" or "Channel --" button, only the channels you have shown will appear.

Edit the channel labels if you like but be careful not to label them incorrectly. You can assign labels by scrolling through the channel numbers and then pressing the "+" button to select the channel. Then use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through characters. Use the right arrow to move to the next character and the "+" button to store.

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