How to Remove a Free Trial Game So You Can Play Again

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have found a really good game but the trial version is only for a limited amount of time or only allows you to go so far before it cuts you off, you can reinstall the program. The only way to get the trial version back is to trick the game program into thinking you have just installed the program on your computer. Of course, after you reinstall the program, you'll be able to play but only for a limited amount of time before you'll have to reinstall it again.

Click "Start" and "Control Panel" in Windows 7.

Select "Programs" and "Programs and Features."

Browse the list of programs for the game program you downloaded.

Select the program, and click "Uninstall."

Go to the game provider, and download the game you want to play by clicking "Download" or "Install."

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