How to Edit XMind Files on a SharePoint Server

Updated July 20, 2017

The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) application is an enterprise-level tool that gives network administrators the ability to create secure web sites. Once installed, a SharePoint site features a document library, calendar, and task list functionality. The document library enables full management of a variety of file types, including Word and Excel. Other file types -- such as for the Open Source program XMind -- can also be edited in SharePoint by adding the file type to SharePoint's central list of file types.

Log on to the SharePoint server using an administrator account.

Click "Star," "Programs," "Microsoft Office Server," "SharePoint Central Administration." This opens the SharePoint Central Administration console.

Click the "Operations" tab.

Click the "Blocked Files Types" link in the "Security Configuration" area.

Select the web application in which you want to edit XMind files.

Type into the list the file extension for Xmind files, which is ".xmind."

Click "OK" to save this setting.

Navigate to a document library in your web application and upload an XMind file. Once it is uploaded, hover over the file and click "Edit."

Things You'll Need

  • SharePoint server.
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