How to Wind an Anniversary Clock

Updated February 21, 2017

An anniversary clock, or 400-day clock, is a type of clock given to new couples. It gets its name because you need only wind it once a year, which is a great way to commemorate your anniversary. Many newer versions of an anniversary clock run on electricity and you are supposed to replace the battery once a year. Traditional versions, however, use a winding mechanism to keep the clock running.

Determine the date that you want to wind the clock. Most couples will wind the clock on their wedding anniversary. However, some choose to wind it on New Year's Day or on another special date, such as the date you become engaged or the date that you first met.

Insert the key into the clock. Your anniversary clock came with a special key that allows you to wind the clock. Place the key inside the hole.

Turn the key counterclockwise until it becomes difficult. This will wind the clock fully.

Repeat the process once a year.


Clean your anniversary clock regularly to ensure that it works properly. If dirt or oil gets into the clock, it can hinder its performance and it may not last the full year. Perform this act as a couple. It's a reminder of the important times in your life.


Take care that you do not force the key to turn too far. Stop when it becomes difficult to turn. If you go too far, it can break the mechanism.

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