Stepper Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

A stepping machine, or stepper, is a piece of exercise equipment designed to provide cardiovascular exercise and work the muscles in the legs, thighs and glutes. Steppers mimic the action of climbing stairs --- an excellent exercise for the lower body. If you have never used a stepper before, learn how to improve your stepping posture to maximise workout effectiveness.

Warm up your muscles by performing stretching exercises. You should always stretch properly before performing any cardiovascular activities to avoid straining a muscle.

Set the program you would like to complete. Most modern steppers come equipped with a digital display that allows you to choose your level of difficulty, set different exercise programs, and insert your weight and age to properly calculate how many calories you burn.

Put your feet in their designated spots and begin your stepping workout. Start out at a slower rate and lower resistance as your body warms up. Beginner steppers should aim for six to 12 minutes on a lower level of intensity. Intermediate steppers can aim for longer periods of time on a higher intensity level.

Keep your back upright and use your hands for balance by holding onto the machine. This will improve your overall technique.

Finish your workout with a five minute cool-down session at a lower intensity.

Wipe down the machine using a damp cloth and sanitary spray.


If you are going to be stepping for more than 10 minutes, bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated for the duration of your workout.

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