How to Reset a Saab 9.5 Reminder

Updated July 20, 2017

The Saab 9-5 is a compact sedan with Swedish designing. When the Saab's engine has a problem, the service light reminder on the dashboard lights up. Once the engine is serviced, you can reset the service light reminder in the comfort of your own garage using the vehicle's reset button or, if necessary, with a Service Light Plus Airbag reset tool. The tool is available at most auto parts stores.

Plug the reset tool into the data link connector, found under the Saab's dashboard next to the hood-release latch.

Switch the Saab's ignition on.

Wait a few seconds for the screen on the tool to light up, and select "Saab" using the scroll buttons on the tool.

Press the tool's "OK" button.

Select the "9-5" Saab model using the scroll buttons on the tool and push the "OK" button.

Scroll to "Reset of Oil Service Light" and select the "OK" button.

Wait for the reset tool's screen to read "Reset OK!"

Switch the ignition off and disconnect the tool from the Saab.

Switch the Saab's ignition on.

Press once on the reset button found near the Saab's speedometer.

Switch the ignition off.

Things You'll Need

  • Service Light Plus Airbag reset tool
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