How to Change a Toilet Roll

Written by monica patrick | 13/05/2017
How to Change a Toilet Roll
Place the toilet paper in the over position for easy pulling. (Nicholas Eveleigh/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Changing an empty roll of toilet paper is a courteous gesture to everyone who shares the rest room with you. Check your bathroom's paper dispenser regularly to get a gauge of when it needs changing. Swap out empty rolls at home or work in just a few seconds. Teach this thoughtful task to family members or coworkers so everyone shares the paper changing responsibilities.

Slide the toilet paper holder to the right with your thumb and forefinger. This will compress the inner spring inside the holder's tube.

Keep the spring compressed and slide the tube out of the wall mount.

Remove the old toilet paper tube. Throw it away or save it for a recycling project. Place a new roll of toilet paper on the holder.

Flip the tube so that the paper unrolls in the manner you prefer -- over the top or under.

Compress the inner spring by squeezing the holder tube at both ends. Pop the holder tube back into place and release the spring.

Things you need

  • Toilet paper

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