How to Reset a Satellite P200 Without a Restore CD

Written by jason taetsch | 13/05/2017
How to Reset a Satellite P200 Without a Restore CD
Restore your Satellite without the need for any additional software CDs. (CD image by Ricardo Bego Mantoan from

Chances are your computer will experience some form of error, malware infection or hard drive crash that will require you to reset your computer to an earlier operating condition. Toshiba includes a built-in recovery partition on the hard drive of their Satellite P200 computers to enable you to resolve any issues without having to rely on a software CD, technical support services or repair. Be sure to perform a backup of your valuable personal data as all the information saved to your hard drive will be erased during the process.

Close any programs running and remove any extraneous hardware devices connected to your computer.

Restart the computer and press down the "F8" key once the "Toshiba" logo appears.

Use the arrow keys to highlight the "Repair Your Computer" option and press "Enter."

Select the appropriate keyboard layout and click "Next." Enter in the administrator password for the computer and click "OK."

Choose the "Toshiba HDD Recovery" in the list of System Recovery tools. Click "Next" in the HDD Recovery screen that appears and click "Next" in the confirmation page. Click "Yes" in the warning message to initiate the reset process.

Click "Restart" in the process notification to restart your computer with the default settings restored.

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