How to stop a steam iron from dripping

Updated March 23, 2017

Ironing is important part of people's lives, especially homemakers. Having a steam iron that is leaking can be an aggravation and also damage or stain clothing. Being in a rush, no one wants to worry about a leaky iron on their clothing articles. Some easy steps will keep your iron clean and stop the leaking associated with steam irons.

Clean your steam iron thoroughly. Having dirty water that is in your iron is what causes clothing articles to become damaged and stained. Clean your iron using the directions from the manufacturer.

Iron on a flat, hard surface. Ironing on a bed, floor or even a couch cannot provide a strong enough surface and cause even more leaking from your iron. Use your ironing board whenever possible as it gives the best results for steam ironing.

Heat up your iron thoroughly, sitting in the appropriate position before use. Having the iron sit on its side will not give the steam a chance to heat properly, so it is more likely to leak and ruin your clothing articles.

Always make sure to turn the steam function off when ironing at lower levels. Ironing with steam at lower levels can harm your iron and cause leakage. When ironing more delicate clothing articles, always be sure to turn off steam for the best results.

Clean your steam iron again after ironing is done to ensure an easier and less time consuming use next time you iron.

Things You'll Need

  • Ironing board
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