How to Copy Data From a USB Dongle

Updated July 20, 2017

Copying information from a USB dongle or a flash USB drive is much like copying files between two hard drives or from a CD or DVD to a hard drive. Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X even feature easy keyboard shortcuts that make copying files off USB drives or USB dongles straightforward and easy.

Insert the USB dongle into your computer's USB port.

Wait 30 seconds for the computer to recognise and load the drive. This will happen automatically.

Double-click on the USB drive icon that appears on your Mac desktop or in Explorer in Windows.

Highlight the files that you'd like to copy and click "Ctrl+C" in Windows or "Apple+C" in Mac.

Browse to the folder to which you'd like to copy the data and click "Ctrl+P" in Windows or "Apple+P" in Mac.

Things You'll Need

  • USB dongle/drive
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