How to Change the Tail Lens in a Passat Wagon

Written by tara kimball | 13/05/2017

When the tail light assembly in a Passat wagon is damaged or cracked, you can replace it quickly to avoid water leaking into the electrical system. You can buy replacement assemblies from a Volkswagen dealership or auto parts store and replace it at home to save time at a service centre. You can change the assembly yourself for a fraction of the cost of a technician's labour rate.

Raise the rear hatch of the Passat. Pull the rear trim panel away from the back of the tail light assembly.

Remove the two screws on the inside edge of the tail light assembly with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the tail light assembly out of the rear of the car.

Grasp the bulb and turn it slightly counterclockwise. Pull it back out of the tail light assembly. Insert the bulb into the new tail light assembly then turn it clockwise. Align the assembly in the rear of the car and secure it with the two screws. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Push the rear trim panel back into position, and press the tabs into place to secure it. Repeat the process on the opposite assembly if needed. Close the rear hatch.

Things you need

  • Phillips screwdriver

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