How to Make a Flash Drive to a Local Drive

Updated April 17, 2017

A flash drive is a flash drive memory device that can be removable or rewritable. It can come in capacities that hold as much as 256 MB of storage. Popularity has increased for the flash drive due to its small size and increasing capabilities. If you use a lot of storage space on your computer, you can increase size by adding your flash drive to your local drive and using it like a partition. This process takes a few steps to set up.

Attach your USB drive to your computer. Allow your computer to recognise the device within the "Computer" category.

Download and install Notepad++ (see "Resources") or use a text editor that shows line numbers.

Download "" and extract the files to create a USB_LocalDisk folder. Right-click "cfadisk.inf" from the USB_LocalDisk folder. Open the file with Notepad++ or a text editor of your choice.

Click "Start" and then, click "Run." Type "devmgmt.msc" and click "OK." Locate "Disk Drives" and double-click your USB drive. Click "Details" under the "USB Device Windows" pane and click "Device Instance Path." Select and copy the "Value" field text and open your Notepad++. Locate line 26, delete "device_instance_id_goes_here" and replace it with the text you copied. Save and exit out of Notepad++.

Open your device manager and locate your USB flash drive. Right-click it and choose "Update Driver Software." Choose "Browse My Computer for Driver Software" and click "Let Me Pick from a List of Device Drivers on My Computer."

Select "Have Disk" and use the "Browse" tab to choose "cfadisk.ini." (This is the text you pasted in your Notepad++.) Click "Next" and close the browser. Verify you have made your flash drive a local disk by opening "Computer" and locating your flash drive under "Local Hard Drives."


These steps work for the Windows 7 operating system. If you have a previous version, you can find the drives under "My Computer."

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