How to make a planchette for ouija

Updated February 21, 2017

Although the use of Ouija boards has at times been considered controversial, this spiritual communication device has been a familiar presence at seances and Halloween parties since the late 1800s. Historically, the pointing device, called a planchette, could be anything from an overturned glass to a wooden triangle. The only requisite for a planchette is a smooth bottom so that it can glide over the Ouija board without hesitation. When making your own planchette, consider the pointing tip, then use your own creativity to design a distinctive shape or decorative motif.

Cut a piece of ½-inch thick black foam core board into a triangle with two four-inch sides and a five-inch base, or into a teardrop shape. You can cut it into a heart shape instead, if you prefer.

Designate a pointer tip on the shape. If you make a heart-shaped planchette the sharp tip at the bottom of the heart will be the pointer. A teardrop-shaped pointer will also use the sharp tip end as the pointer. If you are using a different shape, designate a pointing tip so that you can determine what letters your Ouija is selecting.

Use metallic pens or metallic paints and a small brush to decorate your planchette. Mark the pointer tip with a painted arrow or star, and then add a decorative design of your choice to cover the rest of the planchette.

Embellish your planchette with scrapbooking accents to give it a more professional look. Focus your decorations around the middle of the planchette, leaving empty space for fingertips to rest upon during use.

Allow paints or decorations to dry.

Flip the planchette over and attach self-adhesive felt feet. This will give the planchette some lift and allow it to glide over the board smoothly. Attach at three or four points so that the planchette sits even and level on the Ouija board.


Use a lightweight wood instead of foam core board for a more durable planchette. Cut a hole in the middle of the planchette to give it a more modern look. Look at vintage Ouija planchettes to get ideas on design motifs and shapes. Add a prayer to the top of your planchette to help "protect" you from negative spirits.


Ouija boards should be used with caution. Some people believe Ouija boards are a true communication device to the other side, and should not be used for fun and games.

Things You'll Need

  • ½-inch black foam core board
  • Utility knife
  • Metallic ink pens
  • Metallic paints
  • Small paintbrush
  • Scrapbook embellishments
  • Self-adhesive felt feet
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