How to Unlock a Window in a House

Updated February 21, 2017

Knowing how to unlock your home's windows and doors can prove extremely important in the event of an emergency. A serious fire blocking your exit or an intruder in your home can mean you need to escape through your window in a hurry. The windows in most home have a low-strength lock or simple latch system to prevent unauthorised access while allowing an easy escape. Unlocking your windows is easy and should only take a few seconds.

Examine the window handle for a small keyhole. The hole is usually directly above the top of the handle.

Insert the key and turn to the right or left. The window lock will release.

Lift up the handle and push open the window.


Keep the key out of sight within easy reach of the window. Make sure everyone in your family knows the location of the key and how to unlock the window.

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