How to Light a Glass Bowl

Lighting a glass bowl is an inexpensive way to make a sparkly, shiny centrepiece for a table or a holiday decoration. You can find inexpensive glass or fish bowls at dollar stores, garage sales or thrift stores. These provide you with endless ways to decorate for the holidays or additional methods of adding extra lighting to your home. This type of craft project is quick and makes wonderful gifts for friends, family members and neighbours.

Fill the bottom of the ivy bowl with about 1 inch of your favourite potpourri.

Place the lights on top of the potpourri. Allow the battery pack or electrical cord to hang out of the top of the bowl so that you can turn the switch on or plug it in. Do not use the light strands advertised as "super bright," as these may become too hot and ignite the potpourri.

Place some more potpourri into the bowl until it is about 1 inch from the rim of the bowl.

Center the lace doily on top of the ivy bowl's rim.

Wrap a narrow ribbon around the neck of the ivy bowl to anchor the doily, and tie it into a simple bow.

Turn on the lights; they will warm the potpourri and scent the room.

Place a few brightly coloured ornaments into a large glass bowl.

Position one end of the light strand in the bottom of the glass bowl and add additional ornaments as you weave the light strand throughout the ornaments.

Allow the battery pack or electrical cord to hang outside the bowl. Plug it in or turn the switch on to create a sparkly holiday centrepiece.


You can find battery-operated or electric miniature lights at party supply stores.


Never leave the lighted glass bowl unattended and turn it off at night when you go to bed. Avoid plugging or turning on the lights for more than one or two hours at a time in the lighted potpourri bowl. This is enough time to effectively scent the room. The lights may get too hot and ignite the potpourri, causing a fire hazard in your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Ivy, fish or other glass bowl
  • Miniature strand of clear Christmas lights (with at least 35 bulbs)
  • Potpourri (optional)
  • Lace doily (10 or 12 inches in diameter)
  • Decorative narrow ribbon
  • Assorted Christmas ornaments or other lightweight objects
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