How to Wash an Alpaca Sweater

Updated April 17, 2017

An Alpaca sweater is made from soft natural fibre that is clipped from a live Alpaca. The material is very delicate (like fine human hair), so the garment requires special care when being cleaned. You can either have it dry cleaned, or you can save both time and money by carefully washing it yourself.

Fill a clean sink or basin with warm water and submerge the sweater into the water.

Pour in the mild shampoo and very gently swish the sweater in the water with your hand. Leave it in the water to soak for only two to three minutes.

Rinse the sweater with more warm water. Drain the sink or basin and leave the sweater in it, so it will drain out any excess water.

Lay a towel out on a flat surface nearby.

Press the excess water out of the sweater very carefully (never wring or twist the sweater). Remove the sweater from the sink and place it on the towel.

Roll the towel up but do not press or squeeze the rolled towel. Keep the sweater in the towel for about five minutes.

Lay the second towel out on a flat surface.

Unroll the first towel and take the sweater out and place it on the new dry towel. Gently smooth out any wrinkles or creases and straighten out the seams.

Flip the sweater over every few hours until the sweater is dry.


Use baby shampoo or a mild shampoo without a strong scent. Never hang up the sweater because that will cause it to stretch. You can use a raised dryer rack to dry the sweater faster. You can touch up any wrinkles or creases on the sweater with a cool iron once it has dried.


Do not use any harsh detergents. Do not use bleach.

Things You'll Need

  • Sink or wash basin
  • Warm water
  • 1 Tbsp of mild soap or mild shampoo
  • 2 dry towels
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