How to Cure Blocked Ears

Updated April 17, 2017

Blocked or clogged ears can be painful and cause you to feel dizzy. This is a serious matter because the balance of a person is controlled, to some extent, within the ears. If your balance is not working you could fall and injure yourself. Clogged ears can be caused by a cold or sinus infection, build-up of wax or shampoo and conditioner or an ear infection. This can even occur from swimming. Caught early enough, clogged ears can be cured by using simple remedies from home.

Clean out your ears as well as you can. Use a washcloth to wipe your ears, but do not use cotton swabs. Try using warm running water from the shower set on the lightest spray possible.

Mash the rosemary leaves using an herb masher or chop the leaves and mash with any blunt object. Smear a layer of mentholated rub on the inside of a tissue with your finger or a cotton swab. Lay the rosemary on top of the rub and roll the tissue into a small ball. Place the ball in your ear and leave it overnight. Remove it in the morning. If there is only a light substance clogging your ear, this should work.

Fill a small bulb syringe with hydrogen peroxide. Place the tip of the filled syringe in the entry to the ear. Squeeze the peroxide into the ear canal and put a cotton ball in your ear to keep the peroxide in place. Lie on the side opposite the ear that has the peroxide for 25 minutes. You will hear the bubbles popping. That is normal. If you have mild wax build-up, this should work.

Pour about ΒΌ cup of olive oil in a small bowl. Microwave the oil for a few seconds and then quickly put a finger in the oil to make sure it's a temperature you will be able to tolerate in your ear. Add 29.6ml of vitamin E to the olive oil and mix well. Draw the mixture into an eyedropper and place in the entry to the ear that is clogged. Use a cotton ball to keep it in and lie on your other side for about a half-hour.


Keep your ears scrupulously clean, using nothing smaller than a washcloth.


If ear pain persists more than a few days, see a doctor because you may have an infection and need an antibiotic.

Things You'll Need

  • Rosemary leaves
  • Mentholated rub
  • Tissues
  • Bulb syringe for a baby
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Cotton balls
  • Olive oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Eyedropper
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