How to Replace the Charger Port on a BlackBerry

Updated April 17, 2017

BlackBerrys are smart phones that allow you to multi-task, check your e-mail, browse the Internet, text/call contacts, take pictures and more. They have an exclusive system in place similar to text messaging called BBM that allows you to see if a text message you had sent was read by the recipient. They are a great help in managing your business and home activities, with an interactive calendar and alarm clock. Taking advantage of the luxuries BlackBerry has to offer can make your life easier, but until it breaks will you really see how integrated its services were in your life. Charging-port problems are one of the most common issues with all phones, and if you can't charge your phone you can't use it. However, port issues aren't very promising in terms of repairs and usually require a replacement.

Check to see if you have a warranty for your BlackBerry by calling your service provider.

Ask if problems with the charging port are covered under warranty. Many BlackBerrys use a MicroUSB charging port, which is one of the most fragile ports made on many of today's phones and frequently have problems. The port is delicate and will eventually wear and possibly break off from just plugging and unplugging the charging cable.

Follow your service provider's instructions for returning the phone. If the damage was covered, you might pay a small deductible or none at all. If the damage was not covered but you have a total equipment protection warranty, you will have to pay a deductible but will receive a new phone for less than market price and without a contract extension.

Check your service provider's website for local repair centres.

Call the nearest repair centre and describe your problem. They will tell you if it has a chance at being repaired or replaced at the centre. If the port has broken off, it is unlikely that it can be repaired, and you might need a replacement.

Bring the phone to the centre. Depending on your service provider, this service can be free, or you may have to pay. After they diagnose if the phone can be repaired, make sure to ask if the repair is part of your plan or if there is a fee so you can be prepared when you come pick it up. Repair centres frequently give you a phone to use in the meantime and will set it up for you so that you do not have to be without a phone.

Prevent port issues by taking extra care when plugging and unplugging your phone. Make sure to attach the cable gently and not to quickly and harshly ram it in. This will protect it from weakening and possibly breaking altogether, along with prolonging its life if it is prone to breaking.

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