How Do I Open the Convertible Roof on a BMW 318i?

Updated February 28, 2017

Putting the top down on your BMW 318i Convertible is a great way to enjoy a sunny day. You can choose between the fully automatic or semi-automatic roof-folding models. Both types of 318is fold the top neatly into the storage space in the back of the car. Sensors detect whether the folding sequence is complete or not; a button flashes to indicate if it is still in progress, so you don't drive away before your BMW is ready.

Place your car in park or depress your brake pedal. The roof will not open or close if you do not do this.

Locate the latches on the inside of your BMW where the convertible top meets the windshield and release them.

Push and hold the button that has a picture of a side window and a top on it. This is located on the lower part of your dash, near the heated seats and traction control button. Give the roof a little push to help it start folding. Keep holding this button while the side windows lower slightly and the convertible top tucks under. When the side window goes back up, you can let go of the button.

Look to see if the button is flashing. If the button is not flashing, the top is properly tucked away. If it is flashing, push it down again so the top will complete the folding sequence.

Put car in park or push on brake pedal. This will signal that the car is ready to open the roof; it will not open until it is in this position.

Find the button on your lower dash that has a picture of a side window and top on it. Push and hold this button as the side windows go down slightly and the roof folds back.

Release the button when the side windows go back up. If the light on the button starts to flash, push it down again until the roof folds back completely and locks.

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