How to Overclock an ASUS P5Pl2-E Motherboard

Updated February 21, 2017

ASUS P5Pl2-E motherboards are installed primarily in desktop PCs. Motherboards are printed circuit board containing or giving power to many other computer components. Overclocking the ASUS P5Pl2-E causes the PC to operate faster, and many computer components, such as the CPU, to speed up. The computer system generates extra heat when overclocked, so overclocking is most effective on computers with adequate cooling systems. Settings in the system's BIOS menu are changed to overclock the ASUS P5Pl2-E.

Power on the computer system housing the ASUS P5Pl2-E motherboard. Press F11 during the system's boot cycle to enter the boot menu. Enter the BIOS section of the boot menu.

Move over to the "External Bus" section of the BIOS. Select the value listed under "Front Side Bus Speed." Raise the value up one level. This speeds up the ASUS P5Pl2-E motherboard's front bus speed.

Move over to the "CPU Core" section of the BIOS. Select the value in the "Multiplier" section. Raise the value up one level. This increases the ASUS P5Pl2-E motherboard's operating frequency.

Move over to the main boot menu. Select "Save Changes and Exit" from the options. The ASUS P5Pl2-E motherboard is now overclocked.


Changes made to the ASUS P5Pl2-E motherboard's BIOS are reversed by pressing "Restore to Default Settings" in the boot menu.


Due to the extra heat given off by an overclocked ASUS P5Pl2-E motherboard, most computer warranties are voided by the overclocking process.

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