How to tie knots for a clothesline

Updated November 21, 2016

Drying your clothes on a clothesline can save energy while you pay homage to the way your ancestors had to do laundry before the invention of the washer and dryer. Before you whip out your wet laundry and clothespins, however, you need to install a clothesline. In order for your clothesline to support the weight of wet laundry, the knots attaching both ends of the line should be secure and make the line as taut and strong as possible.

Wrap one end of a clothesline around a post or tree, leaving about six inches of line free for tying a knot. Pass the short end of the line under the long length.

Drop the short end of the line into the rope hole you've created next to the post or tree. Wrap the short end under and drop it inside the hole again.

Wrap the short end under the long length of line in front of the knot and bring it over the line, creating a new hole. Drop the end into the new hole, then pull the end tight.

Repeat with the other end of the clothesline to attach to a second pole or tree. You can slide the knots along the clothesline to tighten or loosen as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Two posts or trees
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