How to Make a Decorative Centerpiece With a Large Glass Bowl

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're having a party or event and you're not sure what to use as a centrepiece, start with a glass fishbowl as your base. You can adjust the bowl for just about any type of event whether it's for a Christmas dinner or a wedding reception. What you put in the bowl depends on your party theme and colours, but you can create just about any kind of mood with this type of bowl.

Place your fruit in the fishbowl, up to about the halfway mark. Limes and kumquats, lemons and limes or oranges and lemons look beautiful in this centrepiece. Adjust the number of fruit you may need depending on how big the fruits and the fishbowl are.

Pour water into the fishbowl, making sure the fruit is almost totally submerged.

Cut the flower stems with the scissors. Trim the ends to make sure they are at an angle.

Stick the flowers into the fruit arrangement, carefully but firmly enough to make sure they are anchored securely.

Place more flowers into your fruit arrangement until it is complete and looks how you desire. Place on your table and enjoy.


Fill any type of wide-mouth glass bowl with floating candles and flowers for a wedding centrepiece, and round ornament balls for a Christmas centrepiece.

Things You'll Need

  • Large glass fishbowl
  • 48 citrus fruits
  • Water
  • Flowers (suggested ones are lilies, zinnias and daffodils)
  • Scissors
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