Troubleshooting Paper That Won't Load Straight in a Canon iP2600 Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

The Canon PIXMA iP2600 is a compact photo printer designed to handle a variety of print media ranging in thickness between 7.71 Kilogram and 64 grams per square meter and 12.7 Kilogram and 105 grams per square meter and in various sizes including letter, A4 and legal. Typically, issues with the paper tray or paper stack such as obstructions, paper damage and improper paper handling, or a dirty sheet feed roller, cause the paper to load and print at an angle rather than straight through the printer. Excluding printer malfunction that requires repair, resolving any potential issues to correct a paper-loading problem isn't difficult.

Remove the paper from your Canon PIXMA iP2600 printer's rear tray.

Shine a flashlight into the printer. Check for and remove any obstructions that may be stopping the paper from loading properly.

Check the stack for damaged sheets--torn, curled or creased--and remove any as necessary. When finished, reduce the thickness of the paper stack as a thick stack can cause paper-loading problems.

Hold the stack in front of you and tap the edges of the stack to a flat tabletop until the edges align.

Place the stack in portrait orientation in the rear tray with the stack against the right side of the tray. Position the paper guide lightly against the left side of the stack so that it doesn't cause the stack to buckle inside the tray. Try printing again.

Remove the paper from the rear tray. Turn on the printer if it isn't already on.

Open the printer's paper output tray and pull the tray extension out. Open the printer top cover and move the paper thickness lever left.

Click "Control Panel" on your computer's "Start" menu. Click "Printer and Other Hardware" and "Printers and Faxes." Right-click "Canon iP2600 printer" and "Printing Preferences" to open up the Canon iP2600 printer options.

Select the "Maintenance" tab. Click "Roller Cleaning" and "OK" to begin the paper feed roller cleaning process.

Stack together three sheets of unused, white letter or A4 paper and insert the sheets into the rear tray. Confirm the display message and click "OK" and then confirm and click "OK" again to complete the cleaning process. When the process ends, dispose of the paper, load paper into the rear tray and try your print job again.


If cleaning the paper feed roller automatically doesn't correct the paper loading problem, clean the roller manually. Wet a cotton swab, squeeze out any excess water and then rub the roller--inside the rear tray along the right side--to remove ink or other debris that has dirtied the roller. Turn the roller with a swab and repeat as needed with additional water and swabs until you've cleaned the entire roller. Wait for the roller to dry and then try printing again. If the printer continues to having paper loading issues, contact Canon at 800-OKCANON (652-2666) for assistance.


Only use paper -- type and size -- approved by Canon for the iP2600. Only clean the roller if adjusting the paper stack doesn't work as repeated roller cleaning can damage the roller over time. Touching the paper feed roller with your fingers can transfer dirt, other materials and skin oils to the roller surfaces.

Things You'll Need

  • Flashlight
  • Distilled water
  • Cotton swabs
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