How to use your car for parcel delivery

Updated March 23, 2017

If you live in a town or city with many businesses, there is a good chance those businesses need parcels delivered. While companies do the majority of their parcel and package delivery through big-name companies like the Royal Mail, FedEx and UPS, some opt for a local courier when the delivery only needs to go a few miles. Some delivery companies also subcontract work to self-employed couriers who use their own cars.

Research small delivery companies in your area online or in local business directories, such as Thomson or Yellow Pages. These small services usually offer bike and car messengers for small packages.

Find out which small delivery services use private contractors with their own vehicles. Some companies prefer that drivers use their own cars, while others have fleet vans and lorries.

Contact a few delivery businesses on the phone or via email and ask if they need new delivery drivers with their own vehicles. You can also usually find posts for couriers on online job forums.

Prepare your car for your new job by making room for packages in the back seat or boot, and getting your registration and liability insurance paperwork organised and ready. Companies that use drivers with their own cars demand current liability insurance.


If you're planning on working as a messenger, you may want to buy a sat-nav as you will often travel to new locations under tight deadlines.


Couriers are expected to move and lift boxes. If you have a previous injury that makes heavy lifting difficult, this may not be the career for you.

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