How to Transfer a Panasonic SDR-H40 to a Computer

Updated July 20, 2017

After filming video with a Panasonic SDR-H40, users need a way to view the footage. While you can play it back on your TV, the TV does not provide a permanent storage solution. Transferring your movies to your computer is a more permanent answer. Saving your movies to your PC allows your to create DVD copies as well as view the content on demand.

Insert the disk.

Click on "VideoCam Suite." Click next.

Create a folder to store the application to be installed. Click next.

If you want a short cut, click "yes." If you do not, click "no."

Choose your country. Click next.

Click install to complete the process.

Select the choice to restart your computer. Click "Finish."

Remove the disk.

Turn on the camera

Connect the USB cable to your camera and then to your computer.

Select "PC Connect." Press the joystick.

Drag and drop files onto your PC for still images.

For videos, press the "DVD Copy" button. Video will upload to the PC where you can save it or burn it to a DVD.


Installing the software before connecting to your computer is recommended or you may not be able to transfer files.


The provided software is for Windows operating systems only. Once you have transferred a movie to your PC, it cannot be copied from your camera again. The camera cannot be turned off while plugged into the computer.

Things You'll Need

  • VideoCam Suite disk
  • USB cable
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