How to reinstall copilot

Updated February 21, 2017

CoPilot is a live navigation software program designed for the Android, iPhone and iPad, and a variety of other compatible devices. It is not uncommon for CoPilot to have problems in loading or operating. Sometimes this is due to map files becoming corrupted or other operational problems. To correct these problems, you must download and reinstall CoPilot on the device.

Open the programs menu on the mobile device and highlight the installed CoPilot program but do not click to select it.

Open the "Options" menu on the device and select "Remove Program" or "Delete" from the list. Follow the instructions on the screen to verify removal of CoPilot.

Go to the mobile applications webstore for the phone and service provider. The icon to access these preloaded store links will be under the program listing menu of the phone (for example, Android Market for HTC phones on Verizon, iPhone Apps store for iPads and iPhones). Click to select the icon and be taken to the store site.

Enter "CoPilot" in the search area of the store and press "Enter" or "Return."

Select "CoPilot" from the search list and download the software to the mobile device. The download is free and the license registered and purchased for the version recently removed from the mobile device will work with the new copy of the program as well.

Follow the directions on the phone screen to grant permission to the device to install the new version of CoPilot.

Open the new version of CoPilot by highlighting and selecting the icon from the programs list. Enter in the licensing information and password to use the program.


Download CoPilot for the PC to allow for increased usability and storage for selected maps. This can free up memory on the mobile device, as you can remove maps that you do not need from the phone and place them on the computer. Use the Bluetooth connection to exchange files between the two platforms. For a list of devices compatible with CoPilot, see Resources.


CoPilot will not reinstall properly if any former versions remain in the mobile device's memory or on the SD card used with the phone. Make sure you have removed all previous versions.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • Compatible phone
  • PC with Bluetooth and Internet (optional)
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