How to Troubleshoot a Venturer DVD Player PVS1262

Written by eoghan mccloskey | 13/05/2017

Portable DVD players are an easy and convenient way of enjoying your DVD collection while on the go. Use the Venturer PVS1262's battery power on a road trip or long flight, or plug it into an AC adaptor in a place that does not have a DVD player. If you happen to experience some basic malfunctions with your portable DVD player, it is always better to try and address these problems on your own rather than risk wasting money on replacing the DVD player or having it serviced.

Plug in the DVD player's AC adaptor. The PVS1262 features a rechargeable battery, so if the DVD player will not power on it is possible that the battery has simply gone dead. If the DVD powers on after plugging the AC adaptor in, you either need to replace or recharge the battery.

Insert multiple DVD disks and attempt to play them. Anytime a DVD player will not play a disk, the first step is to try many different DVDs in order to determine whether the problem is with one disk specifically or with the DVD player generally. If all disks but one play in the DVD player, the disk that won't play may be dirty or damaged. If none will play, you will likely need to have the DVD player serviced.

Power the DVD player off and back on. This is a useful troubleshooting step if the DVD player freezes or if it is experiencing any picture or audio distortion.

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