How to Remove RealPlayer Completely

Updated April 17, 2017

Real Player is software that you can use to download and listen to music. Your music downloads are saved in folders on your computer. With Real Player you can play multimedia formats such as MP3, QuickTime, Windows Media and Real Audi. To uninstall Real Player and remove it completely from your computer, you will have to delete everything associated with the software, including the folders and files that are saved on your computer.

Close all of programs on your computer, and then click the Windows "Start" button located on the computer's main screen. Select "All Programs."

Click "Real" and then click "Realplayer," which will bring up more choices. Click "Uninstall Realplayer."

Check all of the boxes in the "Uninstallation of Realplayer" pop-up box and click "OK." Your computer will then proceed to uninstall the Realplayer software.

Click "Start" and then "My Computer." You need to delete all of the Realplayer folders on your computer.

Click "C:/" or "Local Disk C:/" and then click the "Program Files" folder.

Click the "Real" folder and delete the Realplayer folders: "C:/Program Files/Real/Realplayer." Return to Program files and click the "Common Files" folder. Delete "C:/Program Files/Common Files/Real/."

Return to the C:/ drive and open the "Documents and Settings" folder. Go to your Windows username folder and click the "Application Data" folder and then find the "Real" folder and delete it.

Restart your computer.


Make sure to delete all folders that are associated with the Realplayer program and software. Restarting your computer will reset your settings and help ensure that the deleted software and folders are removed from the computer. Even if you have uninstalled Realplayer, you may still need to delete the icons on your computer; it may not do it automatically. You can do this by right-clicking on the icon and choosing "Delete."

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