How to Replace a Watch Strap

Updated February 21, 2017

Watch straps, also called watch bands, are typically made of leather, plastic, nylon or some other type of fabric. Because these watch straps aren't as durable as metal watch bands, they tend to wear out quicker. You also can replace a non-metallic watch band to update the look of your watch. Although most jewellers will replace a watch strap at no charge, you can save yourself a trip by doing it at home.

Turn the watch over so that the back is facing upward. Look at one side of the watch strap and locate the metal pin extending out of the side. Place the tip of a knife blade at the left side of the pin into the small notch close to the side of the watch. Pull the knife blade towards the centre of the strap to release the metal pin from the watch.

Pull the right side of the pin out of the watch and remove it carefully from the old watch strap.

Insert the pin through the centre of the new watch strap.

Insert the right side of the pin into the small hole on the right side of the watch. Press the left side of the pin as close to the left side of the watch as possible. Place a knife blade into the notch and pull back slightly to retract the pin. Insert the pin into the hole.

Repeat the procedure to replace the other side of the watch strap.


Some watch straps are attached via a screw that is visible from the outside of the band. To remove these, remove the screw with a jewellery screwdriver and pull the metal pin out of the watch strap. Higher-end watch straps have a lever on the back of the watch strap that you push left or right to release the pin from the watch.

Things You'll Need

  • Knife blade
  • New watch strap
  • Jewellery screwdriver
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