How to Block a Cell Phone Number From Calling a Landline

Updated April 17, 2017

Landline phone users may wish to block unwanted calls from cell phone users. Although there is no distinction between blocking a landline and a cell phone number, it is possible with many services to block specific phone numbers from your landline. By employing either a call block feature through your phone company or an inbound call screener, any landline phone user can block all unwanted cell phone calls.

Make a list of the 10-digit cell phone numbers that you wish to block. If you do not know the cell phone number you wish to block, contact your phone company for a list of phones and the associated numbers that have recently contacted your phone line.

Contact your phone company about installing a call block feature on your phone. These services can be set up over the phone in minutes.

Activate the call block feature you have installed through your phone company. Dial "_60" to add phone numbers to the list of blocked numbers. If you do not know the number of the phone you wish to block, you can dial "_60" immediately after the unwanted phone call to add it to the list of blocked numbers. Repeat as necessary to block additional cell phone numbers from calling your landline.

Block all numbers calling your phone using a call screener if you wish to block numbers in excess of what the phone company's call blocking feature allows. This service provides you with a special numeric code that all people attempting to call your landline must input before it allows them to ring through on your phone. This service, also called an "inbound call blocker," requires that you provide the code to every person you speak to so that they can ring your landline phone. This service can be acquired through companies such as Command Communications and Avita.


The Call Block feature can be disabled at any time by using the "*80" command.


Call block typically only allows you to block between six and 15 numbers. If you wish to block more numbers, consider getting an inbound call screener. An inbound call screener will block all incoming calls that do not have the code, including unexpected phone calls from people you know and emergency services.

Things You'll Need

  • Touch-tone phone
  • Landline phone number
  • Call block feature on phone
  • Inbound call screener
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