How to Unfold the Micro 100 Scooter

Updated February 21, 2017

The Razor 100 micro scooter is a compact, all-aluminium model that folds up for transport or storage. Properly unfolding the Razor 100 ensures that it will be ready for use. Unfolding the scooter is a straightforward task that is easy to memorise after a few trials. You do not need any tools to unfold the Razor 100 micro scooter, nor to fold it back up when the time comes.

Place the Razor 100 micro scooter horizontally on its side with the wheels facing away from you.

Pull the top half of the Razor 100 micro scooter towards you until it locks flat.

Rotate the Razor 100 micro scooter so that the handlebar is farthest away from you.

Release the locking latch on the end of the Razor 100 micro scooter that is closest to you.

Pull the handlebar upwards until it is fully extended and upright at the other end of the Razor 100 micro scooter. Re-engage the locking latch.


Not locking the handlebar when the scooter is in use can be dangerous.

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