How to print vinyl stickers at home

Updated April 17, 2017

Vinyl is a durable material that can be used to make long-lasting stickers for any occasion. Many different kinds of self-adhesive vinyl sheets are available for purchase, but to print stickers at home, the sheets need to be designed for use in a computer printer. Using vinyl sheets that aren't designed to be printer safe can cause jamming and could potentially damage the equipment. Vinyl is suitable for outdoor use because it is water-resistant.

Design the sticker with graphic design software. Verify that the design is the right size to fit on the vinyl sheets for your printer and that it is a low-resolution graphic to prevent the ink from running.

Remove any paper that is already in the printer, and select "Print" in the graphic design software's toolbar menu.

Feed the self-adhesive vinyl sheets into the printer one at a time. Check the paper for any creases, folds or warping before inserting it to prevent jamming or running ink.

Let the sheets dry for 20 minutes. Lay them face up on a flat surface, and do not stack them or put anything on top of them.

Cut out the border of the sticker with a utility knife or very sharp pair of shears. A dull knife can cause rips in the vinyl sheet.


To get more life out of outdoor stickers, use ink that is UV-tolerant.

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