Installation Guide for a Dell AS501 Sound Bar

Updated July 19, 2017

The Dell AS501 Sound Bar is a set of stereo speakers that clips to the bottom of certain compatible Dell flat-panel monitors bearing the UltraSharp brand name. For users who are demanding about sound quality or use their computers in tight spaces, the AS501 Sound Bar adds sound output to a computer without taking up additional space. After clipping to the bottom of the monitor, the AS501 adds a volume control knob to the monitor along with an extra headphone jack.

Turn your computer off. Unplug the power and video cables from the back of your monitor, and turn the monitor around so that the back faces you.

Rotate the monitor counterclockwise 90 degrees. The monitor should now be vertical, with the two mounting holes for the AS501 Sound Bar facing the right.

Orient the AS501 Sound Bar vertically and push the tabs on the top of the Sound Bar into the holes on the monitor. The Sound Bar should click when it is locked into its position.

Connect the audio input cable on the AS501 Sound Bar to the output jack on the back of your computer. If the audio jacks are colour-coded, the correct jack is lime green.

Connect the power cable on the AS501 Sound Bar to the circular power output jack on the back of the monitor.

Rotate the monitor into the original horizontal position and reconnect the power and video cables. Turn the monitor around and turn it and the computer back on.

Turn the volume knob on the right side of the AS501 speaker bar clockwise to turn the speaker bar on and adjust the volume.

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