BMW Convertible Top Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

A hardtop convertible gives you the comfort and quiet of a regular sedan with the benefits of a convertible. BMW lets you open and close the top with the key or by pressing a button inside the car.

Turn on the radio so the battery is engaged, or turn on the engine.

Fold down the cargo partition in the boot and lock it on both sides. If the cargo partition is not down, there will be no place in the boot to store the convertible top.

Press the convertible button forward to open the top. It's located under the circular control button on the consul. The button has a picture of a window with one arrow pointing up and another pointing down.

Pull the convertible button backward to close the top.

Use your key to open or close the top when you are outside of the BMW but still close to it. Press and hold the arrow button on top of your key to open the top. To close the top, press and hold the "Lock" button. The car does not need to be turned on to operate the top with the key.


Remove any obstructions from the windshield and boot before opening or closing the top.

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