Cateye Cordless 7 Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

The Cateye Cordless 7 is a small bicycle computer that features seven separate functions in a sleek, durable and compact design. This device can become a trusted training partner, helping you to measure your average speed, distance travelled and the overall spent on your bike. Before you can benefit from its capabilities, however, you need to know how to pair your bike with this great device.

Attach the bracket to the handlebar using the nylon ties. Mount the computer in the bracket until it clicks in place.

Mount the sensor on one of the fork legs. You also should use the nylon straps for that operation. In order to get the best signal, make sure that the sensor is mounted very close to the spokes.

Secure the wheel magnet to one of the spokes. Make sure that the magnet faces the sensor and is on the same level.

Spin the wheel to test if the computer works properly.

Press the "Mode" or "Start/Stop" button to turn on the computer.

Choose the information you want to see on the display by pressing the "Mode" button. The computer will either display: elapsed time, average speed, maximum speed, total odometer or trip distance.

Hold the "Mode" button for two seconds to display the current time.

Press "Start/Stop" button if you want to start recording the data about your trip. After you finish your trip the computer will display: elapsed time, trip distance, average speed and maximum speed.

Press "Start/Stop" and "Mode" button simultaneously to reset the computer.


For best performance, the distance between the computer and the sensor shouldn't exceed 70cm. The distance between the magnet and the sensor must be kept within 50mm.


Do not perform any operations on the computer while riding. Make sure all of the parts are properly mounted to your bike. Recycle the used batteries according to local regulations.

Things You'll Need

  • Bracket
  • Sensor
  • Magnet
  • 2 nylon ties
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