How to Obtain Christian Pen Pals

Updated November 21, 2016

Few things are more rewarding than starting a pen pal friendship. According to Shaping Destiny, becoming a pen pal will help an individual improve her writing skills, become exposed to different cultures, build character and give her a lifelong friend. You can find Christian pen pals through a reputable pen pal organisation that caters to those of the Christian faith.

Visit a reputable pen pal website, like Christian Pen Pals, ChrisCross or Christian-Penpals, that specifically connects individuals of the Christian faith. A reputable pen pal website will not require members to pay an exorbitant fee to join and will not require members to reveal in-depth personal information.

Complete the organisation's pen pal application. The application is used by the organisation to match you with other Christians with a similar background or personality as your own. Your name, age, a short description of yourself and your interests, as well as a recent photo of yourself are usually required to complete the application process.

Browse other Christians' pen pal profiles and choose a few people you'd like to be pen pals with. Depending on the organisation you join, you may be only able to view Christian profiles similar to your own, but given free rein to choose any Christian listed on the organisation's database as a pen pal.

Contact the individual through the organisation's website or via e-mail to see if she's willing to be your pen pal. Determine whether you want to use snail mail, e-mail or both as a way to correspond.


If you don't want to find a Christian pen pal online, check with your church to see if there are any missionaries looking for a pen pal.


Whether you're a child or an adult, always use caution when interacting with an individual you've never met in person. According to the Nebraska Attorney General, you should never assume someone is who he says he is, and you should never give out your phone number, address or photo to an online pen pal without first verifying your pen pal's identity and trustworthiness.

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