How to Print Double Sided in Powerpoint

Written by warren rachele | 13/05/2017
How to Print Double Sided in Powerpoint
Printing PowerPoint slides on both sides of a page may save you a lot of money. (Papers image by GHz from

Frequent presenters who use Microsoft's PowerPoint software discover that audiences enjoy having something on which to take notes during their talks. PowerPoint offers a number of options for formatting the content of your presentation, and putting it on paper to hand out. These options range from simply printing full-page images of your slides, to putting a number of slides on one page or including lines for taking notes next to an image of the slide. One of the paper saving options is to print material on both sides of a single page, if your printer supports this duplex output.

Load the presentation that you want to print. Click the "File" tab on the Ribbon and select "Open" from the actions panel. Select the PowerPoint presentation you want to work with in the "Open File" dialogue and click "Open" to load it into PowerPoint.

Click the "File" tab on the Ribbon and select "Print" from the actions panel.

Click the button which reads "Print One Sided" and change the option to "Print on Both Sides." You will have the option to align the slides so that turning the page along a long or short edge displays the slides correctly. When you choose the long edge option, the material is oriented as though it will be stapled in the upper left-hand corner or placed in a traditional binder. Choosing the option to "flip pages on the short edge" requires that you change the orientation of the page to "Landscape."

Click the "Print" button to print the presentation.

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