How to Mask My IP Address Without Using a Proxy Server

Updated February 21, 2017

Your Internet protocol (IP) address is a unique sequence of numbers that identifies your computer when connecting to the Web. The IP address assigned to you will disclose information such as your physical location, operating system, Internet browser as well as the Internet provider you use. For privacy purposes, it is common to use proxy servers to mask your IP address; however, if you don't want to mask your IP address with a proxy server, you can install software in your computer that is made specifically for that purpose.

Utilise the IpSharkk software in your operating system to mask your IP address without the need of a proxy server. IpSharkk has two software options that offer protection and privacy and enables you to change your IP address every hour. The free software version allows IP addresses to be shared among other network members. The premium program software, which is £18.10 per month (as of October 2010), provides users with definitive security without IP address sharing. To utilise this software, click the "Download" tab found at the top of the screen. When redirected click on the large "Download" tab that is found at the bottom of the IpSharkk page to install the software and browse with your IP being masked without the need for a proxy server.

Operate the Hide IP NG software on your computer to successfully hide your IP address when browsing the Web. Hide IP NG is easy to use for anonymous and secured Internet usage. For a £18 one-year subscription (as of October 2010), the software provides a broad selection of IP addresses for a fast and secured Web browsing experience. To begin operating this software, click the "Download" button in the top region of the screen. Click the first icon in the download list that appears with the title that says "Hide IP NG 1.57." You have the choice of either the full set-up file or the zip compressed set-up file for download. Complete the series of prompts that follow thereafter and you will be on your way to mask your IP address for secure and protected Internet browsing privileges.

Download the Easy-Hide-IP software on your computer to mask your IP address and remain anonymous to others when you surf the Internet. Easy-Hide-IP operates by replacing your actual IP address with a different one, plus you can change your IP address at any time because the program has hidden location points all over the world. You may try Easy-Hide-IP free for three days or set up an account for £3.20 a month or £19.40 a year. (Prices as of October 2010.) To use this tool, click the "Download" tab from the options displayed at the top of the screen and then click the "Download Now" icon to receive your trial subscription. Be advised that upon the expiration of the trial period you will be asked to purchase or uninstall the program from your system.

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