My Sony VAIO Won't Start

Updated July 19, 2017

Just like with other laptop brands, one of the several issues you may encounter with your Sony VAIO computer is a boot problem. You need to determine if a software issue causes the problem or if it is a result of a more complicated hardware problem. There are several ways to address a boot failure with your Sony VAIO.

Determine the cause of the problem. If the Sony VAIO computer boots with AC power, but turns off when in battery mode, there may be a battery problem. If the screen does not display anything, but the other keys in the keypad -- including the power button -- light up, there may be a problem with your LCD screen.

Unplug any external devices connected to the computer, including flash drives, external hard drives and PC cards. They may be causing the problem. If the computer refuses to power on at all, or the issue points to any other hardware problem, it is best to bring the Sony VAIO laptop to the nearest service centre for repair.

Find out if the problem is related to a hard disk issue. Check the drives listed in the BIOS if the computer powers up and proceeds to "POST" (power on self test), but fails to load the operating system completely. During POST, read the quick instruction on how to enter the BIOS page. Press the key that corresponds to the BIOS, and check if the hard drive is listed among the list of drives installed in the computer. If the hard drive is not listed, your hard drive is malfunctioning. If it is listed, the problem is most likely related to your operating system.

Repair the operating system to get it back into working condition. Windows operating systems can be repaired, but you should retain important data and settings. If you have no important files in your laptop, consider reinstalling the operating system for a fresh and clean start.


A battery problem or hardware issues are often caused by overheating or poor cooling. Use a cooling pad whenever your Sony VAIO laptop is in use. Ensure that you give it an occasional rest whenever you use it for stretches of long hours.

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