How to transfer CD music to an MP3 player

Updated April 17, 2017

Buying music from the Internet to play on your new MP3 player can be costly. Save money by filling up your new MP3 player with songs transferred from your CDs.

Install the software appropriate for your MP3 player. This software usually comes with the MP3 player and will be necessary for transferring songs.

Load the MP3 player's software and insert the CD you wish to transfer into the CD-drive. The software will recognise that a CD has been inserted and you will see the song list from the software.

Check the options for your software in converting or importing songs, select MP3 as the format and then rip the CD. The software will go one by one down the song list copying each and converting them into MP3 format. Leave the computer alone until it is complete or you may interfere with the process and create skips in the MP3.

Connect the MP3 player to the computer. Most MP3 players will use a USB connection.

Open the MP3 player software and it will recognise the connected MP3 player.

Set up your music however you desire. You can create a playlist by using the drop down menu and selecting "New Playlist," then dragging your desired MP3s into that playlist or just click and drag the MP3s into the MP3 player directly.

Sync the MP3 player to the software once you have your desired music in the software library. MP3 software will do this differently depending on the type of player, so explore the options the software gives you. This will effectively copy your music from the software to the MP3 player.

Close the software completely once it is done uploading music, eject the MP3 drive from the computer and then unplug the USB connector. You could potentially damage the MP3 player by unplugging it from the computer before it is finished getting updates from the software.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with CD drive
  • MP3 player software
  • MP3 player
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