How to Put Subtitles Into Torrent Movie

Written by j.s. copper | 13/05/2017
How to Put Subtitles Into Torrent Movie
Putting subtitles on a torrent download movie is pretty simple (Getty Thinkstock)

If you've downloaded a movie legally, only to discover it's in a foreign language, you are going to want subtitles to decipher what's going on. For this very reason, subtitle depositories have popped up online, offering free subtitles for movies in many different languages. Most modern video players have support for subtitles files provided they are formatted correctly.

Download the subtitles for the desired movie. Subtitles are typically in the SRT format. There are a handful of sites that offer an extensive selection of free subtitles in multiple languages. If the subtitles download in a ZIP file, double-click it to extract the SRT.

Place the subtitle file in the same folder as the digital video file.

Make sure they have the same exact file name. For example, it the movie is named TheTown.mp4, the subtitle must be named

Double-click the video file to open it in your default video player. If the subtitles are not automatically loaded, you can turn them on usually from the "View" or "Video" menu.


  • Only use the subtitle directories to add movies you have obtained legally. It is illegal to download and distribute copyrighted material via BitTorrent.


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