How to Convert PSI to KPA

Written by chance e. gartneer | 13/05/2017
How to Convert PSI to KPA
Pressure can be gauged in psi or kPa. (pressure gauge image by Sergej Razvodovskij from

Psi stands for pounds per square inch, and kPa is an abbreviation for kilopascals. Both are measurements of pressure, with psi being the standard measurement and kPa being the metric measurement. Examples of pressure measurements include blood pressure, tire pressure and atmospheric pressure. Converting between the two measurement units can aid in international understanding of maintaining appropriate pressure.

Multiply the psi by 6,894.75729. This is the conversion unit for pascals. For example, if the psi was 100, then multiplying it by 6,894.75729 would yield 689,475.729

Divide that number by 1,000 to calculate the kilopascals. For example, 689,475.729 divided by 1,000 yields 689.475729.

Round that number to the nearest ten-thousandth decimal place. Rounding 689.475729 yields 689.4757 kPa.

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