How to build a rope foot stool

Updated February 21, 2017

You can transform an old foot stool into a new design with rope. A rope foot stool uses a thick natural fibre rope to cover its wooden foot stool base. A simple method starts the rope at the centre of the stool and wraps it around to cover the top and upper sides of the foot stool. Create your own unique footstool design by continuing the rope down the legs.

Apply a generous bead of liquid nails to the centre of the wood stool's top.

Insert the tip of the rope into the glue and wrap the rope around the tip, slightly overlapping the tip to prevent it from fraying.

Apply more liquid nails over the top of the foot stool, as you continue to tightly wrap and press the rope into the adhesive. Follow the outline of the stool--if it is round, make your rope pattern round, and if it is square, form the rope pattern into a squared design.

Apply a generous bead of liquid nails to the outer rim of the stool. Keep the wrap tight and continue the wrap around the sides of the stool.

Wrap the side edges of the seat with the same rope wrap. This will unify the top and side of the footstool.

Continue to wrap the rope down the sides of the footstool. If the footstool has a simple box or rounded shape, wrap the rope seamlessly to the base of the footstool. If the footstool has legs, there are at least four ways to finish the footstool.

Leave the legs bare. This option will create design interest by contrasting the fibrous texture of the rope with the smooth, hard texture of the wood.

Wrap the legs individually. This option will follow the contours of each leg as separate stool parts. Continue the rope down each leg and tack the ends into the legs' furniture tacks and a hammer.

Give the legs an outer wrap. This option wraps all of the legs together as if the base of the stool is a solid square. Finish the end of the rope on the inside of one leg and tack it into the leg.

Wrap the legs with an intertwining wrap. Start at one leg; wrap the rope around it one time. Pull the rope to the leg diagonally across from it and wrap it one time with the rope. Pull the rope to one of the other legs, wrap it and then wrap the opposing fourth leg. Continue repeating this pattern until you reach the base of the footstool. Tack the rope to the last leg with a furniture tack.


Continue applying liquid nails over the surface of the stool and its legs as you wrap it with the rope. Tuck the end of the rope in between the wrapped rope on the hidden side of the leg before tacking it in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Natural fibre rope, 1/2-inch thick or thicker
  • Liquid nails
  • Caulk gun
  • Furniture tacks
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Four-legged wooden foot stool
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