How to Troubleshoot a Polaroid Television

Polaroid is a brand name normally associated with cameras and film processing. In addition to digital cameras and scanning equipment, Polaroid also produce LCD and plasma TV sets. Polaroid TVs are usually significantly cheaper than similar products offered by rivals such as Panasonic and Samsung. However, they can suffer from faults including image and sound interference. Some problems require technical expertise to fix, but many issues can be resolved by carrying out basic adjustments.

Check the power cable on your Polaroid TV is securely fitted if you are getting no power from your TV set. Connect another appliance to the electrical socket if the cable is properly attached. If there is still no power, the wall outlet is faulty and should be repaired by a qualified electrician. If the other appliance receives power but not your TV, you should contact Polaroid if the set is still under warranty or hire an experienced TV repairman.

Make sure the batteries are properly fitted in your Polaroid remote control if it stops working. Replace batteries if they appear damaged or are old. Fit the batteries, ensuring the + and - symbols correspond to the symbols on your remote control.

Increase the volume on any external device linked to your Polaroid TV if the sound seems unusually low. A games console or DVD player has its own audio settings, which affect sound output on the TV if not turned up high enough.

Check the coaxial cable that runs from your cable box to your Polaroid TV is securely attached if you are getting distorted images or sound. Examine the copper wire and the metal fitting at the tip of the cable to see if it has any dents or tears that may be causing the interference. Buy a new coaxial cable from an electrical store if there is no improvement.

Move away any electrical appliances that are receiving power near to your Polaroid TV, as items such as vacuum cleaners or motors that use electrical energy can interfere with the signal strength to your Polaroid TV, resulting in fuzzy pictures. Push the Menu button on your Polaroid remote control if images lack definition or have poor colour balance. Change sharpness and colour settings to enhance image quality.

Things You'll Need

  • Batteries
  • Coaxial cable
  • TV remote control
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