How to Undisable an iPhone

Updated February 21, 2017

When using an Apple iPhone, you may decide to activate the pass code feature, which requires you to type in a four-digit code into the phone every time you want to access it. However, if you type in the wrong code, the phone becomes disabled. In order to correct this problem you must follow a specific set of instructions to not only remove the disable feature, but make sure it does not occur again.

Press the circular button at the bottom of the iPhone. The "iPhone disabled" image loads onto the screen with a wait time listed underneath. This is the amount of time you must wait before being able to type in the pass code again.

Type in the correct pass code this time and swipe your finger on the "Unlock" sensor. The code disappears and the iPhone main screen loads.

Press the "Settings" option, then choose "General."

Scroll through the "General" options menu and press "Passcode Lock."

Select to turn off the lock, then type in the four-digit code and push "OK" to remove the code. This prevents you from being locked out of the phone in the future.

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