How to display a PC on TV wirelessly

Updated March 23, 2017

While computers and laptops far outstrip TVs in versatility and usability, televisions have the advantage of using much larger screens with higher definitions. If you have dreamed of connecting your laptop to your computer and surfing the web on the big screen, the right hardware will make it possible. Using wireless software will vastly increase your range and is far more comfortable since you won't have to worry about cords unplugging or providing other disasters.

Plug the wireless converter into your CPU or laptop through whichever port it uses; for example, it may use VGA, S-video, or USB.

Plug the TV transmitter into your television through the port it uses. Many transmitters can plug in through a variety of adaptors that are included with the purchase. You could even plug the transmitter into audio/video hookups that a DVD player or video game console would use.

Access the desktop context menu by right-clicking on it and click "Personalization" to open the "Display Settings" window. Set your monitor to the television from the drop-down menu.

Turn on your TV and raise your resolution until it fits your television screen from the "Display Settings" window.


Some wireless converters can send HD signals to take advantage of high-definition televisions.

Things You'll Need

  • Television set with S-video port compatibility
  • Wireless converter with corresponding TV transmitter
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