How to Load Garmin Poi

Updated April 17, 2017

POI Loader is a free software program offered by Garmin. The POI Loader is used Garmin to update GPS devices with the latest points of interest. Common points of interest updates include restaurants, hotels, gas stations, tourist activities, and attractions. You can go to Garmin's website and download the POIs you want and then use the POI Loader software to transfer the data to your GPS unit.

Visit Garmin's official website (see "Resources"). Click on "Extras," then "Services," and click "POI Loader."

Click "Download POI Loader."

Click the "Download" link for your type of computer. Choices are either Windows or Mac.

Click "Download" and then click to save the file to your computer.

Choose a location to store the POI Loader.

Double-click to run the program when it finishes downloading.

Visit Garmin's official website again and click "Extras," then "Services," "POI Loader," and then click "Find POIs."

Choose a POI and click to download it.

Save the file in a new folder on your computer.

Connect your Garmin to your computer via its included USB cable.

Click "Start," then "All Programs," then "Garmin," and then "POI Loader."

Select "Save to Garmin Device."

Select your GPS device from the list.

Select "Install new custom POIs."

Click the "Browse" button and choose the POI files you saved in the designated folder. In some systems, the folder shows up but not the individual files. This is still OK, just choose the folder instead, and all the files within the folder will automatically transfer.

Choose the default settings through the rest of the screens. The files will now be transferred from your computer and onto your GPS unit.


Only download files from trusted websites to prevent unwanted viruses.


Downloading new software without first installing all the necessary updates for you system could cause conflicts with your device.

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